My Take On Relationships

Being in a relationship is about being with someone that can make you happy in a way no one else can.

You feel you’re on top of the world and you never want anything to ruin your happiness.

When you’re in a relationship, you start to think not only for yourself but also your partner. You make decisions together as a team.

Being in a relationship means you have to be prepared for the commitment, compromises, fights, forgiveness and most of all you have to be ready to put effort. You respect each other. This is something I have learnt along the line.

The easiest part in a relationship is falling in love. You find that person that makes you feel loved. Happy. On top of the world. The person that makes you smile, blush, laugh and sometimes angry. The person that makes you feel good about yourself. The one person you can tell anything to, the one person that becomes your best friend.

Continuing to be in love, that’s where difficulties might arise. I’ve come to know that just because you have been together for a while doesn’t mean you have to let the “sparks” die. The more the effort you put the more you get to be happy with each other. Take each other out on dates, surprise them and never forget that the little things matter. This causes a problem even for married couples.

One important and yet confusing thing I have learnt is do not forsake your happiness for your partner’s own. Do not sacrifice your happiness for your partner’s own. Your happiness is as important as your partner’s happiness in your relationship.

Do not make your happiness your partner’s responsibility. When you do that you put a lot of pressure on him/her. You begin to have a lot expectations and when they let you down you begin to hurt the more. You’re setting your hopes up to fail. No one is perfect and your partner shouldn’t be the one saddled with that kind of responsibility. You have to take responsibility for your emotions.

Communication is key in a relationship. I can’t stress it enough. There’s a strong need for connectivity with your partner. Communication allows you to explain what your needs are or something you’re experiencing. Expressing yourself is very important but you can’t be the only one communicating. You have to listen as well. Communicating helps in staying connected with your partner.

I still don’t fully comprehend how some people can actually be in a relationship and still claim that they can do without talking to their partner for days. How? How can you be in a relationship and not talk to your partner even for a day? If you’re not feeling good, tell them. Tell them you need space for the amount of time you need. Tell them when you’re going to be busy throughout the day and not that you’ll assume they already understand. Whatever it is, explain to them. They’re your partner for a reason.

I’ll be stopping here for now, this is just my opinion on being in a relationship.

Don’t forget, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship.


Abdulyekeen Muhammad Bashir
June 22, 2020 at 12:34 pm

Nice write up

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