Blogging for me has been something I’ve always wanted to do for a long time, I had no idea how stressful it was going to be and the amount of energy and time it required. I’ve always liked the idea of taking pictures and putting meaning into, writing down my thoughts and ideas for people to read, writing things to make people smile or something they could relate to so they wouldn’t feel alone. I had no idea blogging was more than just writing.


This was something I lacked and never thought I’d need when it comes to blogging because I thought all I had to was to sit behind a computer and just write. I never knew I’d need to put confidence into something I put out for people to read. I have some work in my drafts that I’ve been too scared to post because I thought people might not like them. I’ve realized that I have to be myself and become confident in whatever I do including my blog.


This is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to blogging. The topic has to be in line with your niche which can be a little difficult for personal and lifestyle bloggers like myself. However this can also be your easiest challenge to overcome if you set your mind to it. As humans are very opinionated, you can decide to give your personal opinion on anything you want, you can give reviews on products you’ve used, you can get your topic from another blog post and a whole lot more.


I can honestly say without a doubt that this has to be the hardest yet easiest thing to do. Bringing traffic to your blog, making your blog more welcoming, advertising your blog on social media platforms, getting subscribers, creating a mail list, newsletter list and the likes. All these consume a lot of time and effort which might not be easy for (part-time) bloggers. Nevertheless, it becomes easier with time and when you don’t give up. I’m still learning that.


Imagine getting very high statistics one day and getting the lowest stats the next day, that’s sad right? yes there are times when you’d expect people to interact with your post or you expect it to blow up and get thousands of views within a day or days but things not living up to your expectations can take turn on your mental health. You might be so bummed that you won’t feel motivated to publish another post. well, speaking from experience, it’s actually okay for things not to work out the way you planned it. Sucks but we have to stay positive and keep pushing. Your mental health is very important.


Everyone seems to be into blogging these days especially during this lock-down period where people have to think of ways to keep themselves occupied. You start thinking about how to make your blog standout and make people keep coming back for more. You shouldn’t really bother yourself with the competition and it shouldn’t get in the way of you posting whatever you want, you just have to be good at it. So no pressure.

** The challenges I listed above are the ones I have come across as a blogger. Blogging is hard-work but later on becomes easy and you start to enjoy it.

Comment down below any challenges you’ve faced as a blogger, I’d really like to know.


August 5, 2020 at 4:58 am

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