A Heartbreaking Rant: when will it stop?

” what’s going on? what’s wrong with the world?” When will it stop?

I can’t count the amount of time I’ve asked myself and my friends those questions. WHAT IS GOING ON??? A lot of bad things are happening at the same time. One calamity upon the other.

Starting with the issue of Racism. Honestly it’s really sad that racism still exists in the 21st century. We are in year 2020 and people are still being disliked for their complexion, are you kidding? I thought we would have outgrown that and start to see things differently. People are getting killed because of their skin color, they are being been arrested and molested just because of their color.

George Floyd was killed in broad daylight by 4 officers one of which knelt down on his neck not allowing him to breath. His last words were “I can’t breathe, they’re going to kill me”

I’m beginning to lose faith in humanity.

The people meant to protect us are now the ones terrorizing us. The amount of people that have been harassed by the police in the past couple of weeks can’t be counted. They now make our rights useless and step over us. In Nigeria, there’s absolutely no faith in the police system. People have zero hope in them. They prefer to rather settle things themselves than to involve the police. I don’t blame them.

How would a man whose daughter was raped still believe in the police when he was asked to pay before the rape case can be investigated? Would a man, who called the police while his house was being robbed but the police got there 2 hours later, still believe in the system? How would a woman whose son was shot by the police for refusing to bribe them on the road still believe in the system? I wonder.

How would a girl who went to report sexual harassment still believe in the system when the police tell her she’s wasting their time over a little matter

As if all these wasn’t enough to make one sad, the deaths of Uwa, Tina and Barakah have been really disheartening. Uwa was raped in a church and then bashed in the head inside a church where she went to study in Benin, Nigeria then Tina a 16 year old girl was killed by a drunk police officer in Lagos, Nigeria and how would I talk about Barakat who was raped to death in her father’s house.

All these happened within the space of three days. Seriously, where’s the humanity? A girl was raped in her father’s house, HER FATHER’S HOUSE!!!! A 16 year old was killed by a drunk officer, KILLED BY A DRUNK OFFICER!!!! Uwa was raped and killed in a church, RAPED AND KILLED IN A CHURCH!!!! This is sad but there are other cases of underaged girls being raped all over social media.

This is just too much. Everyday, it’s either a very young girl who was deceived by a man or a girl who told her boyfriend no, or a woman just walking on her own somewhere or simply drugged at a party. Everyday it’s a different story but the same damn thing keeps happening.

I don’t think it’s really difficult to grasp the fact that NO MEANS NO. It doesn’t matter how she dresses, her age, her relationship with you, NO MEANS NO.

Nothing can be an excuse for raping someone. Not the way she dresses, not how she was acting with you, not because you feel drawn to her or any other stupid excuse. Just thinking about how traumatized the victim will be makes me uneasy.

Don’t laugh at rape.

Rape is never a funny punchline. Rape jokes delegitimize sexual violence, making it harder for victims to speak up when their consent is violated. Humour that normalizes and justifies sexual violence is not acceptable. Call it out


I’d have loved to continue ranting but I think I should stop here for now. Things might be difficult right now but please stay strong. Also please support the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement by signing petitions and creating awareness. Also don’t forget to support the #SAYNOTORAPE movementon Twitter in your spare time,no pressure.

Thank you.


June 11, 2020 at 4:03 pm

It’s really sad what the world has turned into ☹️

June 11, 2020 at 9:17 pm

What you just said is the painful truth. I dont know but I just get the feeling things are gonna get worse before its better.

sir. Aamir
June 13, 2020 at 2:09 pm

nice write up.

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