Why I left

Hey, missed me?

Although I’m not that consistent with my posts, I’ve been unusually away and I have a perfectly good reason. I had to go write my semester exams.

Everything was so sudden. I mean one minute I was washing my hair with rice water, relaxing and the next minute I got a phone call telling me we would be writing our exams in a week time. It wasn’t funny. So I started reading and getting ready for the exam which made me set the blog aside for a while.

But I’m back now and I’ve got plans, you just wait and see.

Even though I’ve been away, I’m really happy with the traffic purelykiki (the blog) has been getting. I haven’t posted in a while now but I now have more subscribers and more monthly visitors than before. Don’t worry I’ll start dropping numbers when I think they’ve reached the set target.

I’d like to say thank you guys because without you guys, I wouldn’t still be motivated to write.


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