The story behind the name

Ever wondered why Purelykiki is called Purelykiki and not another name or like my own name? Take a seat, lemme tell you the story behind the name.

Actually there’s no special meaning to the name. I’ve always had the idea of starting a blog for a long time (story for another day) and when I was finally done with being scared, I decided to just start without overthinking it, like I usually do.

When it came to thinking of a name for my blog, I considered some things. I want whatever I post to be my own thoughts, for example, I’m going to publish a post on the mental struggle of being a teenager growing into an adult next week and everything I’m going to write is going to be from my own point of view.

With that in mind, I was going to use “sincerely Kiki” but unfortunately someone used the name before me. I was so bummed. I kept looking for a name that will describe my blog and isn’t complicated. I tried different names and I kept disturbing my friends that knew about the blog at that time, about the name.

I eventually came up with Purelykiki. I didn’t like the name at first because to me it sounded off, I don’t know. But then after my friends convinced me that the name was okay, I decided to use it.

The next problem was finding my niche. To be honest, I still don’t know what my niche is but I’d like to think it’s “lifestyle.” I’ve heard it’s okay to try out each kind till you find your forte.

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