How I Edit My Instagram Pictures 2021

Hey guys, welcome back.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I apologize. Believe me when I tell you it hasn’t been easy. School and stuff.

To be honest, this post has been long due and I’m sorry I’m just posting it. I did a poll on @purelykiki’s instagram and I was asked to share my editing apps and tips and also on my personal instagram @hawau_a. So without much further ado, here’s how I edit my pictures.



Adobe Lightroom

After taking my pictures I select my favorites and export them to Lightroom. when it comes to editing pictures, I think it’s a must you use this app. It isn’t complex to use. You can use it to create your desired effects. Your Contrast, exposure, clarity, saturation and warmth can all be edited directly in Lightroom. And we can’t forget the beautiful presets.



I was going through Instagram one time and I came across an ad about this app and I fell in love with it instantly. It’s AMAZING! It has cool effects and filters. You can use it to edit both your pictures and videos. It’s the best for your aesthetic instagram page.



This app is an all in one photo and video editor. It really brings out the creative side in you. It has thousands of cool filters and stickers that you can use. All the filters might make you a little bit indecisive as they make me because it’s really hard to choose one. It depends on your style though. I like playing with the filters on this app.

After editing my pictures on Lightroom and prequel, I usually use it to spot-edit. Spot-edit is when I specifically spot-edit somewhere in my picture. The other two apps don’t let me do that. I can just detail my eyes only or something in my background. It lets me tweak my photos how I like them. And it lets me clone while still using the free version.

And I guess that’s all the apps I use. I know they aren’t much. I’m picky when it comes to editing apps but these 3 apps have been very helpful for me. You can use them on both iOS and Android.

There are other cool apps that you can also use if you don’t like these ones. There’s the popular FaceTune, Vsco, snapseed, Airbrush and the likes. I think editing has to do with your style so you have to have your preferences with editing apps.


First off, I take my pictures with an iPhone 8plus. It has a really good camera. The quality of your pictures depends on the type of camera you use. Sometimes most times I ask any of my brothers to take my pictures or I just take a bunch of selfies.

After I take my pictures, as I stated earlier, I select the pictures I like and export them to Lightroom. When I’m in Lightroom, the first thing I always do is to mess with the exposure. Then I go to profiles. My favorite profile is Artistic 05 but sometimes I use Modern 07. It adds the sunlight glow to my pictures. I prefer to use natural sunlight because of the golden hour and not because man is broke *smiles nervously*

Never forget: Lighting makes or breaks your pictures.

After I’m done editing with Lightroom, I sometimes move my pictures to prequel whenever I feel they need effects to spice them up. The STORY, PRISM and HYPNO effects are my favorites on the app.

For PicsArt, I use it when I want to I want to change my background or edit something on my face.

Picture I edited using PicsArt

As you’ve seen I don’t really do much when it comes to editing my pictures. I just mess around till I find what I like. I’m not a professional when it comes to taking pictures or editing them, I just do my best and have fun with it.



I’ll see you guys in my next post. ( I don’t think that makes sense but you get what I mean, *wink wink*)

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