So I guess this is where you want to know more about me, the person behind the blog.

Hi, I’m okiki but you can call me Kiki. I’m a law student who likes to write, like other bloggers out there. But I didn’t create Purelykiki just because I love to write, but because I wanted to share experiences with you. I’m always excited when I find someone who relates to the same thing with me. I realized I could do the same for others.

Writing has always been an outlet for me to express myself. I don’t talk much but I’m a good listener. Besides that, I like encouraging people and complimenting them. It’s not like I’m wise or perfect, I have my flaws too but we are humans, we can’t know or do it all and that’s why there’re people like me. If you would like to know more about me than I’ve said, you should check this out.


Purelykiki shares the same birth month as me. I created it a few weeks after my birthday after much thought. It’s a personal and lifestyle blog where I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you and experiences with adulting. I’ll also be dropping some fashion and makeup tips since I know a thing or two about them. I recently got interested in photography so I’ll be documenting my experiences with it and sharing some tips I learn along the way.

I’m open to collaborations with brands, other bloggers and websites. You can contact me through here, send me a mail purelyokiki@gmail.com or go to my contact page.

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With love,